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Remedies for a soulful home

Rituals, Zen-coaching and Handmade Ceramic

Are you looking for a way to celebrate and express your soul's deeper desire within the frame of your own home?

Do you dream of a home that is aligned with who you are and how you want to feel?

Do you want a simple yet powerful way to bridge your inner and outer life and are you curious to find out what ceremony and ritual can add to your life?

Then I am here for you. is about restoring the bridge between your inner and outer home. The remedies I use are: RITUALS, ZEN-COACHING and HANDMADE SOULFUL CERAMIC all carefully handpicked together with you to strengthen balance and to clarify, simplify and celebrate your hearts delight.


Restoring the bridge between your inner and outer home

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Maybe all you want and need is to find a more soulful expression in your home and living space? Then your personal recipe could simply be a Baby Buddha or a SoulBowl, placed in your home with intention and care.

Maybe you want a deeper inquiry about what you desire in life, how you want to feel and how you can support, express and celebrate that? Then a carefully structured zen-coaching session could be your medicine.

You know that you want to strengthen the connection between  your inner and outer life and you know that you want your home to reflect your hearts deeper desires. What you need is to find the  bridge which is your own true expression - and you feel a bit lost.

If you want to, I can help you to find your own way.

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Home to our true nature

Zen Coaching is a powerful approach to living, with a set of understanding and principles for how to support ourselves and others in coming home to our true nature, grow as human beings and to live and act from that recognition. As a coaching approach it unites the focus on reaching outer goals – a key characteristic of traditional coaching – with a deeper inner focus than what is normally found within coaching.


Single session: 900 SEK

Session with discount 650:- SEK (For students, unemployed and people who are retired)

Series of 5 sessions: 4.000:- SEK
Series of 10 sessions: 8.000:- SEK

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Baby Buddha

All Baby Buddhas are unique ceramic figurines that celebrates our true nature. 

Order by e-mail or phone.


A ceramic SoulBowl made specially for you. It will hold the energetic print of what you want to bring into your home and everyday life. We begin with an on-line meeting where you and I together explore deeper into the essence of your SoulBowl. This is a very lighthearted and joyful exploration that will connect you with the heart of the matter. It will also create a strong foundation for me in the making of your new Soulbowl.

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Hand made ceramic SoulBowl from my own brand ‘Hands-on-Clay’. 

Order by e-mail or phone.

Custom-made SoulBowls

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Homedharmacy All-Inclusive-Check-up

This is for you who want it all. Together we will tailor a process and find the remedies that will both strengthen and support the bridge between your inner and outer home.

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SoulBowl Ritual

A handwritten opening ritual tailor made for you and connected to your new SoulBowl.

Baby-Buddha ritual

Together we will create a  ritual that comes with your new Baby Buddha. We connect by mail where I will guide you through a few steps that will clarify what remedy this little fellow has to offer to your home and everyday life. Your very own ritual hand written by me.


The birth of a Soulbowl

“It’s was a fine summer morning; I was walking towards the outskirts of the pinewood, to my ceramic Studio with this heavy lump of desperation in my chest. When I reached my workshop, I sat down with a ball of clay feeling like a beggar in my own life with nothing in my bowl and with that feeling I began to pinch the clay. After a while I became aware of a sadness in my chest and I pinched some more. Then I felt tears running down my chin and I noticed how they landed in the pinched bowl between my hands. It stroked me; “This is my begging bowl”! A clear picture of a glittering bowl full of flowers landed in my pinching and I just knew I had to fill this bowl with all my longings. When I walked home later that day, I felt changed, I could feel that I had both been emptied of my heaviness and touched by grace – I felt a new fullness, more hole, connected and centered.”

My SoulBows are a celebration of the healing act of creating and I’m happy to be able to share this beautiful process to you.


About Dharma

Artist, Coach, Bridge-builder

Hi, I am Dharma. I am a Zen-coach, an artist by heart and a creative space holder for transition. 

I listen to, capture and give space to the soul of your inner and outer home – with deep and sincere listening, creative imaginary work and clarification – together with you.

I’m passionate about exploring what happens when we listen to our deeper dreams and desires, and start looking for ways to express them in our lives and within the frame of our own home. Together we will embark on a rich and delightful adventure, full of new discoveries, beauty, creation and enjoyment.

Creating beauty is my prayer. Nature and deep encounters nourish me. I am devoted to inner journeys, and tend to follow my heart, even when it doesn’t make any sense. I have a thing about big hats and women who smokes cigars and my heart beats for a freer, more loving and creatively wiser and bolder world.

What others say...

"Dharma is a wonderful person and a great coach, full of heart and life wisdom; comes highly recommended." /Kåre Landfald, Founder of Zen Coaching

"Jeg har købt min Baby Buddha fordi, som mit lille barnebarn siger “den er bare så cute”. For mig selv udstråler min lille grønne Buddha så meget mildhed, nærhed og ubetinget kærlighed. Når jeg kigger på den føles det som om dens energi bevæger sig hen imod mig, el stråler ud mod mig. Samtidig har den noget insisterende over sig “jeg er jo lige her, med al min barndoms oprindelighed”. “Find ind til din kerne hvisker dens energi til mig, verden kan ikke undvære netop dig og den du er.”"

/ Lene Chetan, Traumaterapeut for børn

"Dharma is a sparkling person, coach and therapist. She is attentive and present with whatever is alive in this moment. She offers a warm and caring space where it is easy to fall into trust and allowance with whatever is happening in the moment. Though she is able to skillfully support deeper explorations in clients, she also has a way of adding some humor to the situation, making the exploration also light and fun. I have really enjoyed working with Dharma and highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to explore themselves and their longings in life, as well as living from a place of wonder and power in the world”. 

/ Kavina Thorslund, Coach and mindfulness trainer

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Homedharmacy – Remedies for a soulful ho

Welcome to contact me!

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Dharma Korsgaard,

Långaryd, Sweden